Investigator/Author Champions The Missing Child Project: CSI Gerardo Bloise

Investigator/Author Champions The Missing Child Project: CSI Gerardo Bloise

Jacksonville FL – January 26, 2024 – Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) Gerardo Bloise will donate a portion of the proceeds from his newly released book “CSI: The Casey Anthony Child Murder Case” to The Missing Child Project (The MCP).  The book is available in English and Spanish.

When CSI Bloise retired from Orange County Forensic Unit, out of the hundreds of cases he investigated, one case stood out above the rest – the heartbreaking Casey Anthony child murder case.  As lead investigator, Bloise wanted the public to see the factual results from hundreds of crime scene photos, FBI forensic lab tests, and fifty interagency interviews from his meticulous notes.  The book is written so that the reader feels like they are a member of the investigating team witnessing the evidence being revealed from the first call of CSI Bloise to the scene by call sign, “Forensic 27”.  It includes the story that was not covered in the trial.

“Caylee Anthony started out as a missing child case. I have seen firsthand the anguish parents have wondering where their child may be and I wondered how many children are missing.  For 34 years, I have seen the ugly side of life. All criminal cases touch my heart because they are lives, but it breaks my heart to know that the victim is a child.” states Bloise.  “I came upon The MCP website searching for ways to contribute to help missing children. Disseminating missing child information through sports is an excellent resource.  Missing children are not just a number. We need to help them and their families.  I included The MCP logo in my book so that we continue that beautiful legacy to unite as a community to help return the missing home.”

“We are honored that a man of Gerardo Bloise’s knowledge and experience chose to support the work of our non-profit,” said Dennis Bair, The MCP Founder & CEO.  “His book is expertly written, and it gives the reader an insider’s perspective of the case.  He has heard the call of families with missing children and has dedicated his life’s work to the cause.  We look forward to seeing the success of his book and we’re thankful for our partnership in generating leads and tips in the search for America’s missing kids”.

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GJ Forensics LLC –—libro.html CSI: The Casey Anthony Child Murder Case: 9781958923382: Bloise, Gerardo: Books

Note: The book contains a QR code that will take you to the Florida Book Publishing website where the reader can enlarge the photos of the case. It has a timeline of Caylee’s life, other information and unpublished photos related to the case.


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Every year, thousands of children go missing.  Their profiles quickly fade from the news and leads dry up.  When the public stops looking, the chance of recovering a missing child decreases substantially. Using an innovative approach to sports-based marketing, BairFind, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, produces high-definition signs that include profiles of area missing children and are placed in sports stadiums and arenas. In 2016, BairFind was designated as an official Charity Partner of Minor League Baseball, fueling a national expansion to communities across the country. Featuring thousands of missing children, our profiles reach millions of people on an annual basis.  In 2022, The Missing Child Project, a registered trade name and rebranding representative of partnerships with professional sports leagues, businesses and expansion of its high school project. The Missing Child Project engages youth in leadership and education of the growing societal issue of missing children and enlists them in the search. l Twitter @BairFind l FB @BairFind l LI the-missing-child-project

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