Frequently Asked Questions

What does The BairFind Foundation do?

The BairFind Foundation places and keeps profiles of missing children in public view at no cost to their families, in popular sports venues in cities across America. We also engage America’s youth in the search for missing children by creating high school clubs, in which the students can earn volunteer hours by raising awareness for missing children on social media and in their communities. Finally, we partner with business owners to expand the search for missing children in new and innovative ways.


What is The Missing Child Project?

The Missing Child Project is the name of our missing child sign program, which includes signage in sports venues, high schools, and privately owned businesses.


How can I start a club in my school?

By clicking here. Just download the PDF and ask your favorite teacher or school staff member to sponsor your club!


How will my donation be used?

As a tax-exempt 501(c)(3), your donations help to expand the search for missing children through the creation and placement of stadium signs featuring local missing children, and the expansion of high school clubs across the country.


Are there other ways I can help?

– Help spread the word
– Be bold and make an impact
– Engage with us on social networks
– Tell others
– Become a volunteer leader in your community
– Host a fundraising event


Let us know your ideas. Email us at or send a message via our contact form.


Can I designate a donation in memory or in honor of a loved one?

Of course. To donate in memory of or in honor of a loved one please provide your tribute’s name during the donation process.


How can my company become a partner or a sponsor?

We welcome the opportunity to work with you. Please visit or send a message via our contact form.